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Portable dynamic hardness tester TKM-359

Dynamic portable  hardness tester TKM-359

It is intended for measuring hardness of metal and alloy articles with Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers. It consists of the dynamic transducer (sensor) and the electronic module.

The principle of tester operation is based on determining velocity ratio of the indentor (the impact component with hard-alloy spherical tip) before and after striking the surface of the article being tested.

It has passed type approval testing. Certificate No. 23959. It is registered with the State Register of Measurement Means under No. 31764 - 06


Typical objects for measurements:

Main technical parameters:

Hardness measurement ranges by scales:
Rockwell Scale
Brinell Scale
Vickers Scale
20 ... 70 HRC
95 ... 470 HB
240 ... 800 HV
Relative measurement error:
Rockwell Scale
Brinell Scale
Vickers Scale
2.0 %
4.0 %
4.0 %
Number of measurement results stored in memory6000
Hardness tester power supplyrechargeable battery
Chief dimensions150 х80 х30 mm
Weight of electronic module with sensor0,4 kg
Category temperature range-10 ...+ 40 °С
Warranty2 years

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